Concrete floors can seem cold and industrial, but one easy and effective way to brighten them up is with a painted fake-tile floor.

We have selected a classic French provincial colour scheme and an uneven, random tile application, but you can choose any combination of hues, depending on your decor, and be as precise with your application as you wish.



1. Roller tray

2. Paint roller

3. One litre paving paint in o­ff-white

4. A square sponge (12cm x 12cm)

5. Two litres paving paint in grey (for base)

6. One litre paving paint in mustard

7. Two litres water-based undercoat

8. String   

9. Masking tape


STEP 1:  With the roller, apply the undercoat to your concrete floor (this will seal the surface). Once dry, you can paint over it with the base paint. In our project, we used grey. For the tiling effect, we used mustard and off-white.


STEP 2: When your base is dry, tape a piece of string to the floor from one end of the room to the other, running down the middle of the room. Spread the off-white paint in your tray and dip the sponge square into it, making sure the sponge base is totally covered. Using the string as a guide, press the sponge onto the floor at regular intervals on both sides. When you have done two lines of squares, move the string across the equivalent of two sponge widths for the next two lines. Continue until you have completed the floor.


STEP 3: Once the paint has dried, add your third colour. In our project, we used a shade of mustard. You can apply this as evenly or unevenly as you wish.